Kumo To Launch And Google To Roll Their Eyes

There should be an image here!Lipstick on a pig, anyone? Microsoft does somethings well. Working with software developers, the Xbox 360, Surface. But unfortunately Search is just not an area Microsoft is getting it. To me, the idea behind Kumo seems completely unneeded. Despite this, MS is ready to debut a search engine into a market that is frankly, not going to care.

Say it with me – relevancy. Not more, tired clever presentation of the same old data, but relevancy that has way to actually out do Google is what it will take for MS to have a prayer here.

And this is not even considering the fact that Google and search are basically seen as the same thing these days. How does MS plan on undoing the idea of Googling something? Hang on guys, I need Kumo that website. Seriously, it’s not going to work, no one will care, end of discussion.