Is Apple The Gold Standard?

There should be an image here!In this recent article by O’Reilly, one might be tempted to follow along with the set of examples provided without really bothering to question them. After all, the piece has Apple listed as the gold standard – how cool is that?

But to say that Apple is in the same class as Google or Amazon, while all three companies provide value, might not be entirely accurate. Apple sells high-end products. No question about that, anyone from Apple would agree with that statement. In tough times however, I would say Google does well as their products are free while Amazon does well because they nail down the long tail consumer.

It is my opinion, that none of the three share a specific commonality. Yet at the same time, two of them are logical choices for being the standard bearers, as described in the above linked article. There is no question that all three do share one thing however. Diverse revenue streams. That is one area, that I think the article nails it.