Microsoft Hit With Fines Again

In another one of those ‘magic Texas location’ lawsuits, Microsoft was found guilty of infringing on the patent of a Canadian company, i4i Limited Partnership, in Word 2003 and Word 2007. The suit was for certain XML tagging features and Microsoft was ordered to pay 200 million in damages.

Of course, Microsoft was denying the claim, and states it will appeal, so that decision means virtually nothing right now.

from TechConnect

“We believe this award of damages is legally and factually unsupported, so we will ask the court to overturn the verdict,” said MS spokesman David Bowermaster.

I looked up i4i, and under their website, tagged Solutions, is –

XML is a key enabling technology for the development and deployment of standards-based collaborative content solutions. i4i has been, and continues to be, at the fore-front of applying XML to the problem of collaborative content for the last decade. Let us help your enterprise find a solution to your authoring, publishing, and management needs.

Create and edit XML documents
Review and comment on XML documents
Allow subject matter experts to create and edit XML documents
Create documents that conform to corporate and industry standards
Integrate XML authoring with a CMS
Allow remote authors to work with XML documents
Use an industry standard or custom DTD for document creation
Design a DTD
Publish XML documents
Reuse and share content between documents
Manage a complex document review process
Aggregate content from multiple repositories
Track and manage the evolution of documents in a project
Get help converting legacy documents into standards-conforming documents

Though I’m new to XML (just starting to learn in college) I certainly don’t see anything in my studies, or here in the Solutions area, that could be infringed upon, since XML is not owned by anyone.

I’m thinking that these special locations, in our country, where these nuisance lawsuits take place, should be eliminated, or, at the very least, brought into 50 state compliance – especially when attacked from companies outside the U.S. borders.






Quote of the day:

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