Opera 10 Gets to Beta

Though BetaNews lists the newest build 1535 as Alpha, it displays Beta when installed, and, as before this Beta is a build that works like the Gold versions from other players.

I have been using the build for a couple of days now, with not one crash, or anything untoward happening.

If you are expecting the speed of Chrome, you’ll be disappointed, but on the other hand, if you want a feature and speed upgrade from 9.6, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as it gives both. (Remember all the things Chrome doesn’t do well, they are too many to mention here.)

There are small changes in the screen metrics, and I am hoping they go back to the old ones, but I’m sure that someone will make a way to get this either way.

The synchronize feature works well, with a small nit that it has no way to completely remove what is synchronized – though this probably will not be a big deal for most.

Also, I have not been one to use the Widgets much, but many have been updated, overhauled, or otherwise changed, and are very quick and lightweight. Very nice.

For those who like the ability to change the look, as I do, because the standard Opera skin does nothing to recommend it to me, may I suggest the Dragon Blues skins – there are several, so try each, the differ enough to make one your favorite even if you don’t like the first you see. Also, if you like a brighter theme, with more festive icons, try Mirage Supreme. Again, there are other variations, like Mirage Aprice, or Mirage Beta.

There are actually enough things you can change about Opera that you could be working on it for a couple of weeks before you settle on what is best for you. If you are anything like me, it will be time well spent.

Another benefit of Opera is the Speed Dial, and though it has been approximated (not duplicated) on Firefox and Chrome, it is much better on the original. Since, on my main machine these days, I have a 1680×1050 view, and I detest using any program in full screen (think about it – do you have any one thing that completely occupies all the space of a real desktop?) I use the browser at about 1300×850 and I have 30 items on my Speed Dial. It is great; all the things I visit daily are there , one click away.

To sum it up, this is a great step forward, and though it is not a fast as Chrome, it is unendingly more useful and customizable. Anyone who doesn’t like Opera either has something that is important, and doesn’t work quite right with it (which I understand) or they haven’t given it an honest try (which I don’t).

Another nice thing about Opera, it is a complete solution – browser, mail application, and newsreader. The good news is that it does all 3 jobs well, so many people will not need anything more.

By the way, the concerns that some expressed with shared settings and security, are gone in revision 10, as each person has their own profile, and the settings are not shared.


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