How to Have a Killer Resume Even When You’re Entry-Level – without Lying – Part Five


If you’ve got a strong resume, you may be able to leave this out of the offline version of your resume you can hand off in person, IF you’re including information about your skills in the Responsibilities section. Just make sure you also have an internet ready version.

You see, some larger companies scan your resume and make the text searchable, even those that don’t take resumes electronically. Why do they do that? And don’t you wonder why this is a section on

When I was an HR assistant, we searched resumes by keyword online. They’d often had me search by certain types of programs, like Microsoft Word or Access. And if you didn’t include that in your resume, I didn’t see it, which means the HR manager didn’t see it, which meant you had zero chance of being considered for interview, never mind being hired.

Instead of trying to figure out every single keyword they could throw at you, browse job listings and learn the buzz words. Describe skills in detail, list programs, programming languages, and other resources that you know how to use.

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Once again, I’m not a resume expert or job hunting guru. This is all based on my experiences from working in HR, and as a person who hires people to work for me. You’re taking my advice at your own risk, so please do your due diligence – that’s why I’m including links for further study.