Just Die Already, Yahoo!

There should be an image here!The more I read, the more I feel that Yahoo! needs yet another CEO. Holy no idea where the company is headed, Batman! Does the leadership at Yahoo! truly not realize just how out of touch it is with what people are looking for?

First thing Yahoo! needs to do, after finding a competent CEO, is decide what the heck it actually is. Is it a search engine or not? Based on the above linked article, I am finding myself calling this one into question in a big way.

Outside of news, I have found that Yahoo! is just as stale and dead in the water as it has been since Google beat it just a few years ago. Worse, Yahoo! is still in denial and believes that somehow, with magic, wishful thinking and pixie dust, it’ll be able to pull its butts back in the game. Sorry Yahoo!, based on the above linked article, I believe you are a DOA organization.