Browsers With Choice

There should be an image here!Here in the States, if you are buying a Windows box, chances are really good that it will be using Internet Explorer by default as this is what Microsoft provides you. This means if you want an open source browser, it will be up to you to go out and find one.

Across the pond in the EU on the other hand, things may end going down in a very different sort of way. So different as a matter of fact, that I am sure that Microsoft is none too pleased about it at all. Apparently, EU Windows users might be able to vote or simply choose, which browser they would like to go with.

Speaking for myself, I think this is a great idea. Not because I am being anti-Microsoft, rather because most Windows users I know like having a little bit of choice out of the box. Especially those who do not know the names of the alternative browsers, only that they would like to try out the other options out there to see what they have to offer.