Conan O’Brien?

Ok, my pop culture tends to go missing sometimes.  Yes, sometimes for years at a time.  Apparently today was one of those episodes.

Conan O’Brien?

I purchased one of those tiny USB tuners for the computer.  It came with this boffo little antenna that I stuck up on top of my monitor farm.  I like putting up antennas because it makes people very curious as to what I’m up to.  The game for me is coming up with original answers on the spur of the moment.

For some reason the tuner worked.  I know I sound surprised but this is because I only had to install it twice to get it to work under Windows.  Windows: it’s not an operating system- it’s a virus.

[Note to Mac people: Don’t get a woody – I’m a linux guy.]

The thing I quickly discovered after discovering that the tuner worked is the major problem with television today.  No matter how many channels you receive, no matter how you receive them, every one of them has absolutely zero content.  Ninety-nine cable channels of excrement.  Fifteen over the air channels of excrement.  The only difference is that the over the air inanity is free.

So while I’m desperately attempting to locate something… anything… that resembles content, I see a commercial for Conan O’Brien.  Big deal, I think.   Only this time, he’s hosting the Tonight Show.  Hosting as in he just got the job permanently (more or less).

Conan O’Brien?

Conan O’Brien hosting the Tonight Show?

Man, I must’ve skipped a few months (or years) this time for sure.

I remember watching Conan on his own show for the first time.  I was looking forward because of his reputation and writing for The Simpsons.  I was all prepared to love this show to death.

Unfortunately `death’ is the only relevant part of that statement.

I certainly wanted to like him.  It just turned out to be an impossible task.  He was hopelessly Gee-Whiz and not funny (to my under-educated funny bone).

I know unfunny.  Conan is unfunny.  Seinfeld is unfunny too, but in a more horrifying and obnoxious way.  Conan is just generically unfunny.

This indicates to me that the franchise has either been sold or given up on entirely.  Leno had some presence and could tell (and write) a joke, although I wasn’t a big fan.  Besides, I’m more the Letterman type anyway.

But Conan O’Brien?

Guess I’ll have to add this to the ever-growing list of things I just don’t get.