Facebook Usernames Making A Name For Themselves

There should be an image here!When we look to Twitter or even MySpace, we find that our profiles are easy to remember and share as they are often reflective of our username. But for a long time, this was simply not the case in the world of Facebook. And yes, like most of you I found this to be rather frustrating.

All most people ever wanted from their Facebook URLs was a easy means of sharing them with others. And while options did exist out there, they were more less URL shorteners which really did very little to actually solve the issue at hand.

This brings us to this latest bit on Facebook usernames and your own Facebook profile URL. Starting on Saturday the 13th, Facebook will be giving us the ability to make a one time selection for our own profile URLs. Some might point out that Facebook is really late to the game on this one, others still will point out that it is better to be late than miss the point entirely.