How to Have a Killer Resume Even When You’re Entry-Level – without Lying – Part Six


I wrote about this before in How to Find the Best Work References. In it I talked a lot about where to find more receptive references if you have burned bridges in your department, or if there’s simply no love lost between you and the group you’re working in.

Here are ten quick areas to explore – for each group, think of who applies and just start writing down names for three minutes each. Why three minutes?

Because there are ten of them, and after demanding information from the brain on a specific problem for about 30 minutes, the brain seems to keep on working on its own. I learned that from Allen Says and it works, but I don’t know where he got it from.

These alternate sources for references are also most likely to accept your coaching on what to say about you.

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Once again, I’m not a resume expert or job hunting guru. This is all based on my experiences from working in HR, and as a person who hires people to work for me. You’re taking my advice at your own risk, so please do your due diligence – that’s why I’m including links for further study.