iPhone 3G Vs The Pre

There should be an image here!By now it seems like nearly everyday the news is rolling out the latest comparisons between the Pre and the iPhone 3G. And for the most part, it is the expected functionality of the Pre called into question. But there is one area where I think users need be clear on.

The Pre will have more horsepower than the iPhone 3G classic. Yes, it’s true. So despite the Pre likely lacking in the sheer number of available apps for download upon release (duh, it’s brand new), it does look like it wins in the hardware department when considering the data in this article.

Yet after reading into it a bit further, it turns out that the iPhone 3G S looks to provide hardware that will be comparable to what the Pre will offer its users. Encouraging to say the least, as both phones will be of the same generation of hardware. But based on my own feelings, hardware may not be enough. The Pre will need to step up with a great feeling UI and apps to match to win this battle with the iPhone 3G S.