No Need To Upgrade Just Yet

There should be an image here!As I first came upon this article making the claim that people seeking “faster” PCs being a bit misguided, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. But as I kept reading, I found myself agreeing with them to a degree.

It’s true that most people find themselves upgrading their PCs because it’s what they have always been doing…largely thanks to what they had to do with Windows in the past. Yet with desktop Linux, this is largely unneeded unless you honestly just need a new PC as your is suddenly toast for some reason.

I myself, own an older AMD 64bit chip ASUS mobo setup, SATA hard drives, etc with a couple of gigs of DDR RAM. It’s got to be at least four years old . But because it is a system I built, I have been able to simply upgrade the size of the hard drivers, add that extra stick of RAM and found that it actually runs quite well. So while my notebook is less than a year old, my main desktop is getting pretty old. Yet it runs like a new machine each and every day.

So do we really need that new PC or faster setup? Not likely. But I am giving some serious thought to a couple of new monitors though. Simply because I would like something with a bit more real estate to them.