Investing In The Little Guy

There should be an image here!Like many people, I believe that a open source mentality can go much further than simply making the code to software available for all. It also means helping others to help themselves. And in the case of Kiva, crowd-funding demonstrates just how powerful large groups of individuals working together to fund others can be.

With so many banks turning down otherwise worthwhile ideas, crowd-funding solutions such as Kiva translates into small business ideas coming to fruition despite not being “credit worthy” as considered by the typical banking institution.

What makes this idea for US based individual so incredible is anyone with $25 or more, can “invest” in a given business idea. And with the current economy, a lot of people here in the States are seeking funding for their businesses.

How is this like open source software? Simple, many individuals investing their resources for a common goal. Except this investment, has financial returns.