Google Takes a Blow As Facebook Gets a New Director of Engineering

We’ve all heard about the Google AdSense program, which is an ad program that allows publishers to make money online by displaying relevant ads on their website. This has been one of the larges phenomenons that has come out of Google and has also been a significant source of income for them. Well now it’s sounding like Facebook wants to get in on this advertisement empire.

Today Techcrunch reported that Facebook has hired Greg Badros, who’s a Google senior director of engineering. He’s now taking up the job of Director of Engineering for Facebook and this has people wondering whether he’ll assist Facebook in better optimizing their advertisement program. Badros has an extensive resume with Google assisting in the development of Google Reader, Google Maps, and Gmail. This will most definitely be a huge loss for Google.

Here’s the official statement provided from Facebook:

“Greg Badros has joined Facebook as a director of engineering, reporting to Mike Schroepfer. Greg is one of the most accomplished engineering talents at Google, and it’s wonderful that he has decided to bring these talents to Facebook and take on numerous responsibilities across the engineering organization.”

So what do you think is going to happen with this? As I mentioned earlier, I personally think that his services will be used in direct correlation with the Facebook advertisement program as they’ve been struggling as of late. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.