Brin Searches Bing For Answers

I really like the title, ‘Fear Grips Google’, which the New York Post has given to what they say is Google’s reaction to Microsoft’s new search engine called Bing. Sergey Brin is said to be amassing an army of engineers to investigate as to how Microsoft does their search algorithm. The New York Post uses terms like The Post has learned and also said one insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Which could leave one to believe that this insider may just be using the New York Post to plant a seen in Microsoft’s people that Google fears Bing. This type of strategy could make the opposition believe that they have built a better mouse trap, when in fact they haven’t.

The New York Post also states the following:

The move by Brin is unusual, as it is rare these days for the Google founders to have such hands-on involvement in day-to-day operations at the company, the source added.

A spokesman for Google declined to comment about Brin’s interest in Bing but said: “We always have a team working on improving search.” He added: “We dedicate more time and energy to search than anything else in our company. Our algorithm is constantly evolving.”

Than there is this:

Bing has been warmly greeted by analysts, critics and users alike who seem to largely welcome Microsoft’s new approach to the everyday business of searching the Internet. Early statistics show Bing increasing Microsoft’s market share by two percentage points, to about 11 percent — but that the gains largely didn’t come from Google or Yahoo!

I can’t see how a 2 % gain would put ‘fear’ into the folks at Google. Of course there is also the fact that Google is always trying to improve their search engine.

What do you think?

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