Internet Explorer Continues To Lose Market Share

How times have changed. About a decade or so ago, when Netscape folded, Microsoft was basically the only browser left. But today we have a wide assortment of choices and people are seem to be taking advantage of those choices. Since March Microsoft has lost over 11% more market share to Firefox, Safari and Chrome. According to the chart below, Firefox 3 is almost on a equal footing to Internet Explorer 7.

According to an article over at TechCrunch it states:

In just over three months, Internet Explorer has seen its overall market share erode by 11.4 percent. Where did that go? It went to Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Nearly 5 percent of that, or about half, went to Firefox 3.0, which currently has 27.6 percent market share. That doesn’t count last week’s upgrade. See the dotted line just below the light blue IE8 line? That is a combined set of “other” browsers and appears to include Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 2.0.

So there you have it. People are making the change away from Internet Explorer and going with other browser alternatives. Times they are a changing. LOL

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