Should You Be A Micro-Manager?

The obvious answer is no. Most people would state emphatically that it is stressful and annoying to work with a project manager who micro-manages projects. Micro-managers are called ‘control freaks’ because they like to control and manipulate the work of others. However, remember the project manager will have to answer to management if the project is not completed on time.

There is a way that you can beat the micro-manager — get the jobs done on time. Remember you have taken the responsibility of completing yours section of the project on time. You have a responsibility to be clear in the planning meetings that the deadlines are impossible to achieve. However, if the planning group decides that the project tasks must be completed during a set timeline, you may need to work hard to get your work completed on time.

You might be able to renegotiate the priorities in the project and get some of the tasks assigned to other members of the group that have more time to complete the project. Micro-managers can be hard to work with, but understand things from their perspective. They have projects to complete on time while ensuring the quality of the work remains high. This means that they may appear to be demanding, driven, or unreasonable. If this is the case you need to be clear on the expectations, be determined to meet deadlines, show initiative and keep the manager up to date on the progress of your part of the project.

Now, if you are a micro-manager you need to overcome your tendencies to place unrealistic demands on co-worker. You will need to develop an understanding that how you approach people may make them unwilling to do their part to complete the project on time. You can change, too!