Read As I Say Something Nice About A Politician

Whenever I speak against war, whether it’s the War on Drugs or Iraq, I find myself the lone speaker.  At times I am accused of being unpatriotic, a hallmark of an argument with no substance.  I finally saw someone else speaking up and saying all the right words, as if I was writing it.

That someone is Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat leader in England.  Let’s ignore for a moment the negative American connotations of liberal and democrat.

Mr. Clegg says “We’re throwing lives away in Afghanistan.”


In fact, they’re being thrown away “by politicians.”

Clegg urged Gordon Brown to think again “before it’s too late.  British troops will be demoralised by having to be bailed out by the latest American troop surge.”

Hats off to Nick Clegg, a politician who gets it and isn’t afraid to stand up and speak the truth.