Popular Online Games Magazine To Offer Free Voucher Codes In July Issue

Thirteen1, the independent online-based magazine, has partnered with Omerta Game Ltd, publisher of the most successful Mafia game on the Web, to give away 2,000 bonus voucher codes for Omerta 3 — now available in the entirely free-to-read July issue!

“We brought our readers the exclusive on the new version of Omerta back in the May issue, along with a set of beta-keys to giveaway, and they were literally gobbled-up, Pacman-style. We really like the game, and respect the efforts of the developers to keep pushing browser games, and the mafia genre, forward. It’s a pleasure to be given another opportunity to get involved with the new version” added Daniel Allen, Editor of Thirteen1.

“We partnered with Thirteen1 whilst the new version of Omerta was in beta and the response rate was very impressive — over 20,000 keys where snapped up in a matter of hours. So it made perfect sense to reward the efforts of the passionate Thirteen1 readers with a new contest” comments Steve Biddick, CEO of Omerta Game Ltd.

For those fortunate enough to claim one of the codes, the special items will give players a kick-start in their quest to becoming the next Don.

It can take a lot of effort to start a new account within a new game, so Thirteen1 are offering readers a bunch of special items and bonuses to make starting out a bit more rewarding.

With the high spec Cadillalic for instance, it will be possible for players to race against others from the word go, rather than acquiring one through a crime attempt. Players will also receive a boost from the extra crime and smuggling points that come with the code, as committing crimes becomes easier as your account grows in skill.

The Thirteen1 Code gives players:

  • The chance to be better at committing crimes and making more money! (Less pesky jail-time!)
  • 50 point rank boost
  • a juicy $50,000
  • …and a Cadillac to cruise the mean streets of Omerta!

The partnership between Thirteen1 and Omerta Game Ltd started with the launch issue of Thirteen1 in April 2008, and the two sites have struck up a very close and rewarding relationship ever since. “Thirteen1 launched with a focus on browsers games. In fact, we featured Omerta in our very first issue. We recognised then how much potential it had to grow and continue innovating” added Dan Allen.

The voucher codes are being given out inside the July issue of Thirteen, which was published at 13.00 GMT on July 13th.

To redeem the special items, readers will need to create a new account within the Mafia game, Omerta using this link. Omerta is free to sign-up and play. The only requirements are a modest PC and an Internet connection.

Interested readers can subscribe to Thirteen1 here.