Windows 7 Build 7600, Rumored to Be RTM, Already Available In Several Places

The people who predicted that the RTM release would be available within days of the final release were absolutely right. Only moments (it seemed) after the news of the RTM Build called 7600, the news of several sites having it for download sprang up.

First it was from China, then it came from other sites. This morning the ‘MyDigitalLife’ site has both the site lists, and other details about these releases.

Anyway, forumers of MDL Windows 7 Forums have managed to re-upload the ISO to various other file sharing services, such as RapidShare, HotFile, MegaUpload and etc.

The keys for earlier builds do not work, but it is possible to get 120 days usage out of this build, with the re-arm feature that appeared with Vista.

perhaps we should look for a combined logo soon, or maybe include a leaky faucet


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