One Second Boot Time, with a Small Catch

Every company these days is involved with making the operating system boot faster, much to the credit of Microsoft, and Vista, with its boot times that seem to require a calendar to reckon.

The latest Ubuntu builds have claims of under a minute, on standard hardware, which is very good, considering that this is a cold boot to complete availability.

Now, from Asia, a manufacturer claims a one second boot time. The catch, it is not for a PC, but an auto system.

from ZDNet Asia

The race to fast boot times is on, with MontaVista making the latest headlines.

The embedded Linux vendor announced in the United States Tuesday its latest system is able to boot in one second, and released a video demonstrating a vehicle dashboard system going from cold boot into a “fully operational” state in that time.

The one-second timing may not be directly translatable to a desktop Linux OS environment, however, because booting a full-fledged OS requires additional drivers and processes to be launched.

Meanwhile, Intel’s netbook Linux OS, Moblin, too is eyeing fast boot-up times. It recently partnered Phoenix Technologies which produces a fast-boot technology called HyperSpace, promising to bring the technology to the Moblin project.

The software consists of a stripped down Linux environment with a browser and Wi-Fi software, meant to go from boot-up to the Web quickly.

According to reports, Moblin integrating HyperSpace should be able to go from powered off to the Web in less than 10 seconds.

Competitor, Canonical has also said its latest release Ubuntu 9.04 is focused on booting faster.

No doubt we will see new PCs that will boot in less than a minute, on a consistent basis, once the use of solid state drives become commonplace. But I wonder, why is everyone so enthralled with these extremely fast boot times. Most users only boot a machine once a day, and though faster is better, anything under 90 seconds is certainly quick enough for all but the most impatient of users. Vista is faster to boot these days, so that annoyance is no longer a part of the push.


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