Microsoft Tried Or Didn’t Try To Violate The GPL?

There should be an image here!What is Microsoft’s motivation for releasing code into the wilds of open source? And why did they initially violate the GPL to get there? These questions and more are being examined in the aftermath of what has to be the craziest thing ever – MS trying to include code in the Linux kernel.

On any other day, one might call such a notion total nonsense. Yet as we can see here, it not only took place but happened in hopes that people would be using Linux with Microsoft’s up and coming virtualization software.

Personally, I don’t see the code released by Microsoft making it into the kernel due to the fact that it has little benefit to the end user. Not saying this is right, just saying this is how I see the whole thing playing out. As to the initial GPL violation, to me this just demonstrate that things were rushed a bit and this was a sloppy oversight. Again, something that might make kernel maintainers a bit wary of this soce coming into play with the Linux kernel.