CrossOver Office Spoof – Clever Or Mark Of Things To Come

There should be an image here!Reading this article made me smile but also got me wondering. While CrossOver Office is an interesting, it has never been a replacement for VirtualBox in my experience. At best, it’s WINE with a friendly face…and that is not saying much.

I digress. The spoof that someday CodeWeavers will somehow be in a stronger position than Microsoft is ridiculous. As much as I might like to see open source projects eventually overtake Microsoft in adoption, CodeWeaver’s CrossOver Office is not going to likely be among them.

Reality check aside, the above linked spoof was mildly entertaining and certainly a clever way to get some free press. But as for Microsoft being in trouble, I would not bet on it. They are too entrenched in key areas. Downsized on the hand, now that is a possibility.