What a garage should be

The perfect garage should have room for as many cars as it was designed for, and they should fit comfortably with room for the doors to open almost fully and for you to walk around them completely without fear of stubbing your toe on anything.  The perfect garage has a toolkit in it with all the tools you need to do the basic home and car maintenance, such as oil changes, tune ups, changing a faucet, and repairing a toilet.  That toolkit is in an easy to reach area and houses its tools in a neat and easy to find way.  There may be things that aren’t related to home and auto care inside the garage, but those things must be kept in bins and on shelves, at no point are things to start piling up on the garage floor – that is messy and ugly and leads to uncontrolled clutter if not held in check.

Things like lawn mowers, edgers, and leaf blowers go in a shed, if you don’t have a shed you should probably start saving up for one.  The perfect garage has electric garage door openers, people tend not to use garages if they have to get out of their car in order to open the door.  If you have a garage and it does not sound like what I have described here, take the weekend off and start working on rectifying what has gone wrong.  If your wife has decided that the garage is better suited for housing old junk and yet-to-be-completed projects, get a new wife.  Let’s face it, there are plenty of women in the world, but you don’t get that many garages – and a good garage goes a long way towards having a happy life.