Michael Vick – an Eagle?

First, let me apologize to the regular readers of this blog (both of you).  This is not a sports post – you know me better than that.

Just call it a dog post.

In the interest of being timely, I bring you the TOP NEW SLOGANS of the EAGLES

  1. Who let the dogs IN
  2. Fight like a wild pack of dogs
  3. No pussies here
  4. We got rabies and you don’t
  5. We don’t suck – we bite
  6. We are the poodles of the football world
  7. Sponsored by the SPCA
  8. Hey, we got him cheap
  9. Pretty soon the whole team will look like Predator

Pretty soon you won’t be able to say `pit bull’ without express written consent of the NFL.  An online buddy noted that the Eagles also got a good deal on Lynette Squeaky Fromme, fresh from the California penal system.

The Eagles (locally known as `Dem Iggles’) are rumored to also be interested in Ted Bundy (work release program), The Zodiac Killer (also abused animals), Ed McMahon, and my grandmother.

This is precisely why I stay out of sports.