Attack Pizza Al Sharpton Bishop Abortion Faux News

A Florida man was arrested after throwing a slice of pizza at his daughter’s head…

Thank God they made lawn darts illegal!

Chocolate Eaters May Be Less Likely To Die From Heart Disease

I’m gonna live to 150!

Amy Winehouse Poses As Her Cat To Send Secret Messages To Estranged Husband On Facebook

So THAT’s what Facebook is for…

Arne Duncan, Al Sharpton, and Newt Gingrich Join Forces

What could possibly go right?

U.S. Bishops Demand Universal Healthcare Without Abortion

US public demands priests stop molesting little boys and covering it up.

Interplanetary Internet Gets Permanent Home in Space

Do astronauts need Viagra too?

More Americans than ever before are turning to Fox News as their source of information and opinion

Ah, the Final Horseman….

Jon Stewart Replaces Cronkite As America’s Most Trusted Anchor

Could be worse: could be Fox.

Beware of old peeping-tom Jews in New Jersey, especially the ones called Dylan….