I work from home as a marketing and PR consultant and freelance technology writer, and while this type of work means that each day is different in some way, one thing remains the same: invoicing. When I was first getting started with all of this stuff, I didn’t have a lot of clients, so sending out invoices was simple enough. These days, I have more clients and there are a lot of different moving parts connected to the work that I do, which means that sending out invoices is taking more time. I’ve always just sent out invoices via e-mail using my own template and organization system, but Invoicera offers another solution.

If your line of work requires you to send out online invoices, then Invoicera is worth a look. One of the most difficult things about invoicing is keeping track of what’s happened since you sent out the invoices, and this service lends you a helping hand in that area. Invoicera also offers automatic invoicing for those invoices that are always the same and multiple currency support for users working internationally. Multiple payment options are also available, and that’s nice because when it comes down to it, invoicing is about getting paid.