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After a long time of not really taking the time to listen to This Week in Tech, I did today. I was amazed to find that it seems to be only Leo and a new entry into the studio, Paul Thurrott.

He doesn’t sound nearly as much the pompous ass that he comes across as in his blogs. He is quite interested in the current Mozilla-Opera-Microsoft browser debate, devoting a great deal of time to it in the podcast.

It’s actually funny, as he actually seems much milder than the read would lead you to believe. On the site, the wording is “Paul and Leo discuss how Mozilla jumps the shark”, but then the tone is much less vitriolic when listening.

Perhaps people should only listen to him, and avoid his writing.

After all the debate, in every current place on the internet, and in print, Leo and Mr. Thurrott decided to devote yet more time to the question of the in-place upgrade from Windows XP to 7. Maybe I’m just hyper sensitized to this, but this is well covered territory.

Then, of course, the usual garbage about Bing! Why should we be so concerned about this? If they do well, I’m sure we’ll come upon the fact. Up to the minute notification that Google has lost 0.0000006% market share to Bing! in the last 5 hours is not something I’m interested in. I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

Those who listen to this, please let me know if this is now the line up, and if John Dvorak is no longer around.  The last time I heard this, it was Leo, John, Kevin Rose, and a fourth that rotated in and out of the weekly roster.

It must have been a slow week for everyone.


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