FSF Battles On Against Windows

There should be an image here!As I have stated in the past, I have no problem with a non-profit or for-profit group doing what they wish with software so long as they are not belittling those that they compete with. Sadly, Microsoft never got the memo. Despite recent changes to how Microsoft approaches Linux based projects, in the end it is still NOT A FRIEND to Linux in any way.

But then I look to the Free Software Foundation which, in the interest of protecting “GNU/Linux” (I did that for its benefit), spends time giving credence to Windows 7 with a really negative Web site that, in my estimation, serves no one.

What is perhaps most comical and in a way, sad, is that the FSF actually believes anyone cares! No, really, forget about user preference of free or proprietary — if you are using the latter, then something is clearly wrong with you. Give me a break. Like most of you, I find that Linux is a means to an end. It provides me with the tools to use a computer. Sorry, it is not a religious movement.

But how can we argue with a guy who eats his own toe jam? No, really, this is the founder of free software we are supposed to be taking seriously? Yuck!

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