Snow Leopard Is Keeping It Simple

There should be an image here!I have already purchased my wife’s Snow Leopard upgrade CD. I expect it to arrive any day now. And yet after reading about the latest release from this article, I am finding myself wondering what most of the fuss is about?

Now it is a fact that having some extra hard drive space feed up is a worthwhile extra from the upgrade, as is a faster running OS in general. But I am also seeing that really, the benefits might not be all that exciting enough for most people to justify the full price of the upgrade should you need the full edition vs the upgrade.

Yet interestingly enough, I have been told that outside of potentially violating Apple’s software policy and by the same token, the law, one can use either the full boxed version or the upgrade version. While the upgrade version is for those who are coming from Leopard, word on the street is that the CDs are basically the same. Still, best to abide by the law and pay your dues.