The Manga Guide To Molecular Biology

There should be an image here!Rin and Ami have been skipping molecular biology class all semester, and Professor Moro has had enough — he’s sentencing them to summer school on his private island. But they’re in store for a special lesson. Using Dr. Moro’s virtual reality machine, they’ll travel inside the human body and get a close-up look at the fascinating world of molecular biology.

In The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology, readers tag along with Ami and Rin as they journey inside the body’s cells and nuclei. As they travel, they learn about core topics in molecular biology like protein synthesis, amino acids, cell division, DNA replication, and genetics. Along the way, they experience chemical reactions first-hand and even meet entertaining characters like Enzyme Man and Drinkzilla, who show them how the liver metabolizes alcohol.

“Molecular biology can be difficult because it involves the study of things we can’t normally see. But it’s an absolutely essential subject,” said No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock. “I’m excited about this sixth installment of our Manga Guide series because the comics and the story are just so compelling. Who wouldn’t want to be small enough to see DNA at work?”

In The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology, readers learn about:

  • The organelles and proteins inside cells, and how they support cellular functions
  • Transcription and translation, and the role genes play in synthesizing proteins
  • The pieces that make up our genetic code, like nucleotides, codons, introns, and exons
  • The processes of DNA replication, mitosis, and cytokinesis
  • Genetic technology like transduction and cloning, and the role of molecular biology in medicine

Whether readers need a molecular biology refresher or are just fascinated by the science of life, The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology will give them a uniquely fun and informative introduction.