Cheney Responsible for 9-11 Swine British Healthcare


UK teenage girls ‘worst drunks’

Dammit, why can’t the US lead in more of this sort of thing?

English turn to booze on holiday

I think we’re seeing a bit of a theme here…

UN warns over swine flu in birds

Why is this funny?

NHS told to be on alert for flu

It’s those wacky Brits again.  How come US docs haven’t been told? Damn socialized medicine.


Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible for 9/11

Read `em and weep.

Sandra Bullock Wishes She Had Embraced Her Childhood Lisp

I state here publicly that I embrace Ms. Bullock’s lips. (dyslexia finally works for me!)

Noel Gallagher Reportedly Quit Oasis Because Brother Liam Suggested He Was Not The Father Of His Daughter

No.  F-ing.  Way.  Dood.

Ben & Jerry’s Welcomes Vermont Gay Marriage Law With “Hubby Hubby” Flavor

Right wings are flapping all over the world… children eat that ice cream!

The AARP and Seniors: Clashing Views on Health Reform

Turns out seniors like their guns and healthcare and don’t want to be sold out (again).

How the Bailouts Could Have Gone Better

If they didn’t happen. Attacks Over Healthcare Reform Bode Ill for Obama

If you’ve pissed off the right and the left, who’s left to piss off?

Should Circumcision Become Public Health Policy?

Keep your hands off my penis!

What’s Normal Sexual Behavior in Young Children?

I don’t know, but it should never involve dwarf-tossing.

Dick Cheney Says Harsh Interrogations Kept U.S. Safe From Terror

And voodoo dancing has kept my house free from elephants.

U.S. Military Stops ‘Rating’ War Journalists

Personally, I gave them all a failing grade.

Obama Formalizes Bush Policy on Digital Searches and Seizures

More of the vaunted Change we were promised.

Sick mobile app tracks H1N1, other outbreaks near you

Because we haven’t heard enough about the iPhone lately.

Atheists Sell Pet Care Service To Christians Anticipating The Rapture


Thermite-based data security

Hey – it worked on 9-11


Tips for Finding Low or No-Cost Entertainment

How the Brain Localizes Sounds

Opera 10.0 Released

Computer Repair Flowchart Troubleshoots Common Hardware Problems

Avoid These Potential Traffic Ticket Pitfalls

$5 IKEA Coat Hanger Offers Solid Cable Management Makes File Sharing as Easy as Sharing a URL

Top Ten Consumer Complaints To State AG’s In 2008

Bottled Water Price War Is Heating Up

Migrating a live system from ext3 to ext4 filesystem