NFL bans Twitter

The National Football League recently announced a new ban on the social media site Twitter 90 minutes before a game starts and continuing until after the press conferences have been concluded.  They have not given a clear reason for this but one can assume that it has a lot to do with protecting their image.

Players before a game could be a little bit rowdy and might post inflammatory statements about the other team or they might accidentally reveal information that the team or the league wanted to keep secret.  During the game, the NFL already had a ban on communications devices so there would be no legal way for the players to post information.  Post game Twittering could be damaging because players might vent a little, or a lot, and could possibly say something that the team or the player might not want in the hands of the media.

Of course it is easy to say that the players are adults and they know better than to post controversial or inappropriate statements to the internet.  But, of course, people post all kinds of stupid things to Twitter without ever thinking about the consequences.  It isn’t just fans and supporters that subscribe to players Twitter feeds, it is also the news media.  And if there is one thing we can count on, it is that the news loves controversy and any silly remark that they can latch on to and blow out of proportion, they will – and I don’t want to have to hear about Ochocinco’s inappropriate Twittering when there is more important news to be covered.