Pink Osbournes Jihad Tom Selleck Get Drunk

Wasps Invade Singer Pink’s House

Probably sounds better than her `singing’.

Kelly Osbourne Says She’ll “Destroy” Her Fiance If He Leaves Her

If you love something, set it free.  If it leaves, hunt it down and kill it.

Wait -someone is going to marry Kelly Osbourne?

German Court Lets Boy Be Named “Jihad”

This is what makes America great.  It’s about the only thing we have left.

Why Michelle’s Hair Matters

Because it detracts from what her husband is helping to do to the country.

Poll: Tom Selleck Should Run for Congress

There is literally no hope for us.

Poll: Lowest Congressional Approval in Two Decades

Well, almost literally…

Obamacare Would Let Government Bureaucrats Snoop Through Tax Returns

…among other things

College Students Get More Drunk When Drinks Are Cheap

Next thing they’ll tell us is that they get more drunk when drinks are free!

Penn & Teller: The Vatican is Bullshit!

This is news?

Major ISPs Seek To Lower Broadband Definition

Who says we don’t innovate?

Survey Shows Public Support For Ban on Text Messaging While Driving

Also shows public support for slavery and pay-per-view executions.

Internet officially over the hill

40 and really expanding.

10+ buzzwords that should be banned at the office


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