QuickTime 10 Now Includes Screen Recording

It doesn’t seem to have been widely documented or reported on, but Apple’s new QuickTime player in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard includes a screen recorder.  You can access the feature through the file menu.  You can select whether you want to use no microphone, the built-in mic, or an external microphone as well as select between a medium and high quality setting.  I have not seen anything that says this new feature will be included in the versions of QuickTime that are meant for Windows, but I suspect that it won’t be.

The recording software itself is unobtrusive; there is a little black window with a record button that you hit when you are ready, and a stop button that embeds itself into the menu bar.  Is this an important new feature?  Probably not, but it will make tutorial videos easier to create since people no longer have to rely on third party paid software for the function.  It is just another little feature that people will be pleasantly surprised by once they find it.