9-10-01: A Day That Will Live in Infamy

The evening that Donald Rumsfeld went on television and admitted that the government had somehow lost track of $3.2 billion.

This admission was overshadowed by the events of the following day and relegated to history.

Meanwhile, the following day, the folks really running things allowed flying objects to hit buildings.  Two buildings were brought down instead with the aid of Serious Chemicals.   One building was demolished perfectly for no apparent reason.  Yet another building had a hole in it with no trace of airplane parts, on a flight path that did not agree with any of the witnesses.

All of the video was confiscated with the exception of a few frames that show nothing clearly.  Where is the video, FBI? Do you suppose it will be released after 75 years, like the Kennedy information?

Then came the perversely-named Patriot Act.  The War on Terrorism.  Illegal and immoral invasion.  The Transportation Security Agency.  The concept of Homeland.  Much legislation sucking up the freedoms we held dear.

Tell me – are we any safer?

We’re definitely not better off.

My deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones on 9-11. You should be very angry.