Stargate: Universe – Hit or Miss?

I was on IMDB today, and i happened to see that they have many snippets, and full trailers, for the upcoming television season. (I say upcoming, because, other than CW, the war veteran of the merger of WB and UPN, that took no prisoners, not one other network has begun any new programming.)

I was interested in several of the new shows, but more on them later –  there’s more than enough meat for a few articles about what is on television these days.

When I saw the trailer for Stargate: Universe, I immediately cued it up. It looks like it will be interesting, using the best bits of many science fiction series, some dating way back – I mean way back! You see, there was this little show, that for some reason never gets re-run, called Lost in Space. (It might follow that, since a movie was made with that series as the model, the original series might come back, but i have yet to see it.) That, I would say, looks like the main reference for this show, combined, somewhat understandably with Battlestar Galactica.

Of course, we have the stargate, as a main character, but it seems as though something must go wrong with the stargate after the initial jump that puts the characters on a spaceship – else the show would have a very early end as they jumped back to Earth!

Since I don’t closely follow the science fiction newsgroups, I am not certain what else has been revealed. The trailer does show more than a few recognizable faces; it remains to be seen if they will all be part of the remaining cast, or are simply part of an auspicious beginning.

I am not certain how this will hit many, but I will say I never grew tired of the original series, until its last season, and, even then, I was ready for another ten seasons if they had brought back Jack (Richard Dean Anderson).

The Atlantis series was cut short due to repetitive, not necessarily bad, writing. The characters were likable, but the removal of some was a mistake.  There was really no reason to send Atlantis off into space, as it would have been great to start seeing people being sent from a badly overpopulated Earth, to Atlantis, to begin repopulating the land masses of that world. Many story lines could have come from that, and worked in themes from problems here on earth, to be avoided in the new setting. (No reason not to do some educating, along with entertaining.)

Stargate Universe will certainly get its first 13 episodes made, as NBC Universal will do that based on the name value, but I certainly hope that some strong writing will help it survive past that. [Update – further poking around at IMDB has shown that a full 20 episodes are planned/shot?, but no definitive air dates for any past the first 13] If anyone from NBC-Uni reads this, a tip – 13 episodes does not a season make. These mini-seasons (in reality, half seasons) being used for shows like Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, and others, is very bad. This is not simply my opinion. I have spoken to many who say that between seasons they lose interest; simply because the short season teams with the new uncertainty these days, to make people think that there’s a 50-50 chance the series will die with no notice.

Here’s to a good, long run (which implies writing and acting we’ll all want to watch).


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