Did Apple Give Some Enterprise Users The Finger?

There should be an image here!Reading this article with great interest, I found it interesting how some people are taking the realities of the OS 3.1 update on the iPhone and how it affects some exchange users.

While it is going to be a massive problem for MS Exchange situations not providing a working sync anymore, I am not entirely sure we can blame Apple completely on this. I am also not saying we should blame Microsoft, either. While it is true that Apple knew that the update to OS 3.1 could provide sync issues for some Exchange users, I just don’t find this a total deal killer.

On-device encryption, while a pain in the backside, is a feature. And while it is true that some businesses will need to choose to either use the 3G with the older OS while dropping support completely for the 3GS, or vice versa…I see the end fault as follows. The iPhone is NOT an enterprise level mobile device. I am sorry, but this is just the proof of such an argument in my opinion.