Haiku, After 8 Years Reaches Alpha

Haiku, the O S,

In this season of summer,

Can be downloaded.

[17 syllables,  arranged 5-7-5, reference to a season (kigo); check!]

Actually, the promised work-alike to the much adored BeOS, has, after 8 years of work, become available as an alpha, which is actually somewhat usable on standard x86 hardware.

from slashdot

The Haiku project has finally released an official R1 alpha, after 8 years of development. This marks a significant milestone for the project, and it also debuts the first official/publicly available LiveCD ISO image that can be easily booted and used to install Haiku on x86 hardware. Haiku is a desktop operating system inspired by BeOS after Be, Inc. closed its doors in 2001. The project has remained true to the BeOS philosophy while integrating modern hardware support and features along the way.” Eugenia adds this link to an article describing the history of the OS, along a review of the alpha version.

Anyone who tried the original BeOS for Windows, which installed as a file into Windows 98 or Me, and then allowed booting from within Windows saw how incredibly cool it was at the time. The benefits of the operating system were many, but, if the developers have not kept up with what is happening outside their ecosphere, this could simply be another also ran.

What made BeOS amazing was what it could do for its time. Almost everything that it did can be done today with another operating system (note I said almost!), and, if it takes another 8 years to get to a truly working product, it all may be simply an exercise in computer science, instead of an alternative to what is currently available.

Let’s hope that many people (developers, especially) are moved by this alpha, and enamored enough to lend their time and talents. Many hands make for light work, and all that.


Relative Truthsperhaps another OS in the mix soon…

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