Zune HD Is Boring Out Of The Box

There should be an image here!The biggest problem anything Microsoft faces is their complete lack of vision. Take the initial idea of sharing music wirelessly from one Zune to another. It sounds great, until you stop to realize that both people involved must own the same kind of device.

But despite its limitations, at least this might have given potential Zune owners a reason to buy this device. Not anymore, as Microsoft has opted against this feature after all.Then as if that news was not bad enough, MS goes for the gold with even worse news. No app store for the Zune HD. Sure, you will have the absolutely most common things like Twitter and Facebook, but forget about installing cool third party applications for this already tired iPod touch wanna be.

But not to fear true believers, while the Zune will have access to nothing remotely cool, the Windows Mobile team is now free to continue copying Apple with their WM market development. Again, not benefiting the Zune whatsoever.