Whenever you visit the Web site of an individual or a company, it helps to feel like you have some sort of connection with them because it keeps you involved. While reading a bunch of text can help you to feel close to somebody or something over time, it definitely helps if you can hear or see the individual or the people from the company. Audio content provides a way to do this, but you don’t see the majority of sites utilizing it. This can be because audio content isn’t as easy to put together and publish as text, but AudioPal tries to make it as easy as possible.

The site provides a small and attractive tool that can be placed on a Web site, blog, or social networking page and enables visitors to play audio that you provide. Of course, the tool is the easy part, and it’s getting the audio for the tool that can be the most complicated. However, with AudioPal, you can either record your message by phone, type in some text and use text-to-speech, make a recording through your computer microphone, or upload an already recorded audio file. Yes, pretty much every option you could want is here, so no more excuses, people.