Yet More Reasons Why Gmail Frightens Me

Honestly blows my mind as to what Gmail will require you to do when you find one day someone has hacked your account. Yes, I take crazy steps to protect my own accounts, but I must admit, I think the powers that be at Google need to WAKE UP.

Issue 1) You are in real trouble if you do not remember the exact date you created your Google account. Assuming it has been hacked (and yes, SSL means nothing as it still happens), you better know this date as offering up your IP number history and other proof means nothing to Google without this date.

Issue 2) For those who were foolish enough to believe that Google had your back when you tied your various products together (FeedBurner, Picasa, AdSense, AdWords)… guess what? You are screwed if your primary account is an Gmail addy. With AdSense at least, it is going noplace.

Issue 3) AdWords cares more for your security than AdSense. With the possible exception of power users of the AdSense program, most people will find AdSense is nicely and insecurely tied to all of your Google products. AdWords, on the other hand, is not. Why? Liability — simple as that. As for the other products, Google couldn’t care less.

So the moral of the story is this: Trusting Google to protect your privacy is just plain foolish. Worse, despite the the hot air fed to you on their own Web site, links such as this are completely untrue. Yes, you can change the password for your entire Google account. But honestly, you are in real trouble if you tied anything important to your Gmail account. Consider this a warning.