HP Supports And Ignores Linux At The Same Time

There should be an image here!I can see where this article is coming from to a point. On many levels it seems like HP is not throwing enough weight into their Linux efforts. Well, on the PC front perhaps.

Back on the printer front however, I could not be happier. HP supports its HPLIP project with tremendous work as far as I am concerned. I have yet to have a problem with all-in-compatibility when it comes to HP.

As for HP’s dance around Linux as something to be run on PCs, I really don’t care. While I think it would be great to see HP moving beyond Splashtop and actually provide a mainstream distro on their computers. But considering what a half-hearted job Dell has done in my honestly opinion, I am not really all that motivated to whine much about it. Let HP continue as they are. I don’t buy their PCs anyway.