Do you have business cards? If you’re like me, then you don’t. With the type of work that I do, business cards don’t come into play very often, so the motivation to get them isn’t very strong. With that said, business cards are still very important, and if you’ve ever been in a social situation or conference / networking opportunity and needed them but didn’t have them, then you know how naked you can feel without them. Other than that, those of us who work online with people from all over the world have discovered that a new kind of business card is what we really need. For us, an online identifier is most suitable. This is what BusinessCard2 has to offer.

Their online business cards contain the important details about you that people need to know about. In addition to the basic name, title, and contact information, these cards also include actual links to your Web site and social accounts in addition to a place for you to talk about your experience. The business cards can also be shared by those who view them. Can you click on and interact with a regular business card in the ways listed above? I didn’t think so.