Asus Does It Again!

Some of us are old enough, or have simply been around long enough that we remember when TYAN was a leader, and possibly THE leader in motherboard design and delivery.

Today, that leader is Asus, and anyone who thinks it is not so is kidding himself. The company has just released another board, part of an entire new line, that shows why that is the case.

The guys at TechConnect are always looking for the very newest hardware, many times beating places like AnandTech and Tom’s Hardware to the punch – though TC doesn’t do the in-depth reviews.

SaberTooth 55i, the first product in the Asus TUF series is just about to be rolled out but before you can get your hands on one, you can enjoy a little unboxing gallery of the new motherboard. Seen below, the board features a 12+2 phase power design, support LGA 1156 processors, four DDR3 memory slots, two PCI-Express x16 slots (SLI and CrossFire ready), and uses a CeraM!X coating for the chipset and MOSFET heatsinks in order to provide more efficient air cooling.
The SaberTooth 55i also packs T.Probe chip, one eSATA and eight SATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channel audio, Power and Reset buttons, and is bundled with the CoolMem! frame which enables the installation of a fan for cooling the RAM modules.

The new P55 motherboard is currently listed around Europe at about 177 Euro.

Though there are RAM maker provided coolers for memory, they frequently have big problems with larger CPU coolers, or smaller cases, and when they do fit, the fans that are sometimes provided do nothing other than move hot air in circles, not really changing things much for the busy overclocker.

The fact that Asus has anticipated the memory heat difficulties means that the memory choices are much larger, and the choice of cases much wider. By giving the user a way to cool their memory with a board-designed fan mount, the user can rest assured that the cooling will be smooth and efficient, if the directions from Asus are followed.

The memory cooling in difficult situations, like overclocking, shows that not only is high quality a prime manufacturing point, but stability and longevity are also motivating factors for the Asus engineers.

Builders, rejoice!


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Alex Levine

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