People who actively use the Internet sometimes have the reputation of being the type of people who just stay at home all the time, use their computers each minute of every day, and have basically no social skills to speak up. That may be true in certain cases, but there’s a shift taking place in online culture that is actually encouraging people to be more social in the real world. Part of the motivation for this may be from social media, but either way, it’s nice to see geeks get out of the house on certain occasions. Services like Evite have become popular for people who want to organize events and send out invitations, but these days, it’s all about tweetups, which are events where people who use Twitter get together. Tweetvite will help you to create and find tweetups in your area.

If you’re mainly focused on finding tweetups that have already been organized, don’t expect to find a lot of options because the site is a little slim on these events. Because of that, it’s then up to you to get something going. Creating a tweetup is basically a matter of finding a time and date, choosing a location, and entering a description to describe the event. Once you input the basic details, Tweetvite provides a nice page that can be customized, and guests can register at the page. Don’t be alarmed by all of that fresh air when you leave the house.