What’s the Only Thing Dumber Than H1N1 Vaccination?

That would be H1N1 parties.

No, really.  H1N1 parties.  I just heard it on the news.  Parents are talking about exposing their children to H1N1 at parties.


While we’re on news, I just saw video of Hugh Jackman acting in a play when some idiot audience member’s cell phone went off.  He stopped the play and asked the punter if he wanted to get it.  The he held up the show until the phone’s owner shut it off out of pure embarrassment.



OK, I give up – now I’m just venting while Faux News is on.


I will never understand this but there is a section of the Philly suburbs that seems to think there is artistic significance in life-size decorated cows on corners.

Tonight it was revealed that someone `stole’ one of the cows.

The only question remaining is why… no really… WHY do we have huge cows on corners?  Somebody had to have thought it was a good idea at some point.  I say force the cow-nappers to keep the monstrosity.


Ok, so Debra Winger shows up in Roman Polanski’s defense, stating that tonight they can only think of him as a human being.

Sorry, Deb…. grown human beings don’t sleep with thirteen year old girls.  Perhaps France has room for another American expatriate… Ever sleep with a thirteen year old girl?



On a recent flight, a man jumped up and declared that he had to use the bathroom.  Taking no chances, the plane was evacuated and searched.  Nothing was found.  Turns out the guy just had to go to the bathroom (and apparently hasn’t watched the news in ten years or more).