Is Intel Slowly Moving Its Operations Overseas?

This may be a small change, but it seems that more and more of Intel’s workforce is being found outside of California. The Republican party in California would have you believe that it is because of the unfriendly tax structure in the state, but if that was the case, many companies could simply move to another state. Instead, the general move is off-shore.

When I saw this, I was wondering how long it will be before the buildings in Santa Clara become offices for the talking heads of the company, nothing else.

Continuing with the ILE (Intel Labs Europe) initiative, chip giant Intel has set up its second European Innovation Open Lab which is located on the Intel Ireland campus in Leixlip Co. Kildare. The new lab is focused on facilitating and enhancing open research and innovation opportunities in Europe that can be converted into broadly based technology solutions.
“Open Innovation is one of the most pervasive business trends of our time and we are pleased to announce the launch of the Ireland Innovation Open Lab which together with Open Lab Munich will act as portals for open innovation into Intel’s network of Labs in Europe,” said Dr. Martin Curley, Global Director, Intel IT Innovation and Director, Intel Labs Europe. “We are delighted to be collaborating with a wide range of customers, fellow travellers, academics and others to create new technologies and solutions that can advance Europe’s Innovation economy and information society.”
By the end of this year Intel plans to have over 30 researchers employed in the Ireland Innovation Open Lab, all of them working on projects supported by the EU Framework Program 7.

We will know if this is part of an exodus when we see from where the staff gets plucked. Of course, there have been other Intel projects in Ireland before this one, and Microsoft has some things there. Ireland seems to be a place where lots of companies are going (fleeing to?) lately.


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