Puppy Linux Simply Rocks

There should be an image here!Before even getting started, I should point out that I have been using Puppy Linux off and on for what seems like years. This being said, I was driven to using this great distro again on a notebook that previously had been using Ubuntu. For a variety of sloppy video chipset reasons coming down from the folks who support VIA chipsets, I had enough of the ongoing bugs and used what I knew would work while other distros would not – Puppy Linux.

In the past, I found that Puppy always did well with wifi, but failed badly with WPA without resorting hours of troubleshooting. In the latest release of v4.30, not only is Puppy doing well with WPA, I found it supporting wireless better than the latest Ubuntu beta – now that is sad considering how much more publicity one distro gets over the other.

Puppy does present more hoops than many users mike like perhaps and is laid out very differently than most distros. All this aside, casual Linux users will find Puppy to be very powerful…especially on older machines. For myself, I just love the fact that I can use this to not only get past my VIA headaches, but do so at wifi speeds over 200+ Mbps over my 802.11n network. I can live with this. Puppy is certainly nice supplement to my Ubuntu network for PCs that have given me trouble in the past.