Rupert Murdoch Thinks Google Is Stealing From Him

The man who believes that everything (including air) should have a price stated that Google is stealing from him, because the search engine is linking to his content without payment.

The man seems to believe that the search engine will be doing the reading I suppose, because the indexing of content is done without human intervention. Perhaps once someone reads the content it could be argued that payment is due, but I doubt anyone will believe that remuneration is due Murdoch from Google, as the indexing is what is enabling more people to find his content, and the ads that reside next to that content.

from slashdot

Weston Kosova writes in Newsweek that Rupert Murdoch gave an impassioned speech to media executives in Beijing decrying that search engines — in particular Google — are stealing from him, because Google links to his stories but doesn’t pay News Corp. to do so. ‘The aggregators and plagiarists will soon have to pay a price for the co-opting of our content,’ Murdoch says. ‘But if we do not take advantage of the current movement toward paid content, it will be the content creators — the people in this hall — who will pay the ultimate price and the content kleptomaniacs who triumph.’ But if Murdoch really thinks Google is stealing from him, and if he really wants Google to stop driving all those readers to his Web sites at no charge, he can simply stop Google from linking to their news stories by going to his Web site’s robot.txt file and adding ‘Disallow.'”

As that last part states so well, methinks he doth protest too much. Murdoch is one of those people who is not happy with a fair profit for his work, he wants an unfair profit –  greed is a terrible thing.

It is especially interesting to see that he was delivering the speech to the Chinese, practically the world capital of (intellectual property) theft. The place where copies of Microsoft Windows 7 were found on the street corner the day after the code was sent to manufacturing, and where Hollywood movies are also found almost as soon as they are released in the theaters.

Great audience. I’m betting they were very receptive.


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